Looop goes live with Smart Meter Analytics Platform

Japanese energy supplier Looop is set to become SMAP Energy’s first utility customer in Japan after working for the past six months on a trial project. Japan has deregulated the electricity market in April 2016 and more than 100 new entrants joined the competition as electricity retailers. Looop is the one of the most promising and aggressive challengers in the market, providing services to both business/industrial and residential customers.

Looop has begun using SMAP Energy’s B2B solution – Smart Meter Analytics Platform – to assess the consumption patterns and analyse profitability of its business/industrial customers in order to improve profitability and retention rate. Looop also has integrated the platform’s B2C visualisation tool so that customers can visualise their individual consumption via the Looop website.

“This deal is the start of a long-term partnership between our companies and we are happy to work with a client as forward-thinking and innovative as Looop. As a result, we are also receiving many inquiries from new Japanese energy suppliers about SMAP as they realise the potential value contained in their smart-meter data assets. As a pioneer of the smart-meter data analytics, we are very excited to see this recognition in the energy industry,” said SMAP Energy co-founder Yohei Kiguchi.

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