About Us

We are the Cambridge University born "Energy AI" startup.

Our mission is to accelerate and assist with the utilisation of mass energy data by providing a cutting edge and ready-to-deploy data analytics service to energy companies.

At SMAP Energy, we want to transform the way energy providers and customers look at energy consumption. Using energy data from households collected via smart meters, we seek to analyse user behaviour to derive insights that can make the energy sector more efficient.

SMAP Energy is originated from research at the University of Cambridge. In collaboration with our academic and industrial partners, we’ve developed novel analysis techniques and products that take advantage of growing energy consumption data.

We are supported/granted by Cambridge Enterprise Limited, Climate-KIC accelerator program, and Winton Lab.

Our supporters/partners

Our Products

Smart Meter Analytics SaaS for Energy Retailers

The Smart Meter Analytics Platform (SMAP) is a comprehensive software solution that allows utilities to analyse energy consumption data using advanced and novel techniques to better understand customer behaviour. SMAP is meant to enable utilities to look beyond questions of how they will manage their data and instead ask how the insights contained in their customers’ energy consumption data can help optimise their operations.

What makes SMAP truly valuable is its novel algorithmic methodology that puts the emphasis on understanding energy consumption behaviour and how price signals can influence change, as neglecting this aspect leaves many opportunities unexplored. With SMAP, we’ve been able to demonstrate a peak-time load consumption reduction of 10% - equivalent in the UK to every household saving £30-£50 (~4%) on their energy bills annually.

AIswitch, the AI-based automatic energy switching

We created an intelligent little program to find the best energy deals for every customer based on their individual habits. AIswitch is constantly scouring our databases, retailer websites, and existing comparison tools to make sure you are always getting the best deal possible. AIswitch is unbiased and - most importantly - works for free to save you the most money on your energy bills.

Please visit AIswitch website to find out more.

Key Features of SMAP

Capabilities SMAP can provide now


Individual customer analysis

Dive deep into analysing individual household behaviour to understand the impact each customer represents to the overall load profile and experiment with changing households to different tariff plans


Customer base analysis

Analyse how customers are affecting profitability and pinpoint plans best suited to their needs.


Tariff design

Plan and simulate the load shift of customers under different rate and time periods, allowing for the creation of bespoke plans suited to business goals (customer acquisition, peak-time load shedding, etc.)


Anomaly detection

Quickly produce customised anomaly reports to spot faulty meters, unusual consumption levels and fraud attempts/p>


How does it work?

SMAP is a SaaS solution that can be run either internally on a client-side server or externally on our own servers. Once an engagement begins, we assist the client in uploading smart meter data. Readings can be of any time resolution, but hourly or half-hourly are the standard. Additional data points surrounding the customer base can be uploaded to enable further features as well.

We also offer SMAP as a managed service, where we provide a dedicated analyst to use SMAP on the client’s behalf. Project-focused consulting engagements can be discussed as well.

What is TOU and why is it important?

Time-of-use (TOU) energy plans contain multiple rate periods rather than a single flat rate.

With the implementation of smart meters, we can begin to understand how consumption patterns differ over the course of the day. When examined at the national level, standard consumption typically peaks in the morning when people wake up and again in the evening when they return home. These peak demand periods result in increased electricity prices and emissions, and rewarding customers with the capability to shift their consumption off these peak periods is in the best interest for all parties.

With an appropriately crafted TOU plan, both the utility and household customer can achieve savings. SMAP can create efficient TOU plans for a customer base, pinpoint which customers would be best to target for switching and produce valuable information like projected bill savings to present to the customer.

Who can use SMAP?

Any party collecting smart meter data can use SMAP. This includes utilities, specialised industry service providers, demand response aggregators, asset managers and consulting groups. We especially anticipate that groups with large domestic customer bases to be interested.

What is the Sales Partner Program?

The Sales Partner Program is a special arrangement where we provide SMAP at a highly discounted cost to companies with a broad array of energy sector companies. The Sales Partner would be allowed to white-label SMAP and present it as a supplement to their current services. Typical candidates for the Sales Partner Program would include industry consulting groups, energy plan switching facilitators, etc.

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