SMAP Energy gains British Chamber of Commerce recognition for international business growth

SMAP Energy was featured in the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s Acumen magazine for our business growth in the Japanese energy sector.

Entitled “Energy to Expand”, the article included commentary from leading UK energy startups Moixa and KiWi Power, as well as from SMAP Energy co-founders Yohei Kiguchi and Paul Monroe.

“The feature in this publication is a testament to trends we’ve identified years in advance – namely that the British energy sector is a first mover and is fantastic testbed for international deployment. As the fourth largest energy market in the world and the largest deregulated, Japan is our biggest target and we’ve received a great deal of preliminary success in working there. The key to this is finding the great partners to work with,” said Monroe.

In addition to gaining comments from UK businesses exploring the Japanese market, entrance pathways – like the British Embassy Tokyo and our own Japan Energy Challenge – are also interviewed.

“UK policy is leading the way to help foster new and innovative technologies and business models to overcome the challenges faced by the modern electricity grid”, said Tom Luff, first secretary, energy and infrastructure at the embassy. “The smart meter platform, which is expected to extend to all homes by the start of the next decade, is already creating opportunities for efficient ways of matching electricity supply and demand. As the rollout continues over the coming years, UK firms will test and finesse approaches that can then be exported.

“As well as physical products, such as smart meters and batteries, there are significant opportunities in services and software platforms, such as data management to optimise energy usage and aggregation”.

The article summarises by saying:

“This confluence of technological development, lessons learnt from British leadership in the energy sector and the changing Japanese market make this a particularly exciting time for UK firms.

“We’ve seen the Japanese energy sector evolve in a very similar way to that of the UK, and this has allowed us to capitalise on many trends well in advance”, said Monroe. “With the scale of change currently happening, British energy companies should absolutely consider this market in their future expansion strategies”.

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